What is a PowerTrip?

When we say Power Trip do you immediately think of your boss or co-worker ordering you around and high on new found authority? Probably. BUT… we want to change that. Have you ever looked up Power Trip in the dictionary? No? Let me help you.

Power Trip (noun): an activity or way of behaving that makes a person feel powerful

WHAT?!? I mean who doesn’t want to feel powerful? Don’t you want to feel POWERFUL? Do you want your co-workers and team to feel POWERFUL? OMG US TOO!  (read below)


PowerTrip™ Intentions

Do you want to work better, create more, and be inspired by the world? ABSOLUTELY! Bringing you life changing experiences through adventure and travel, a PowerTrip™ also integrates a mindfulness based leadership curriculum to our PowerTrip™ that will inspire you to lead as your most POWERFUL self (The Power Trip reference makes sense now, right?). Each of our trips has a different focus and theme that creates community connections with those who have similar interests. Creating a community of Power Trippers™ who live to explore the world and embrace their own POWERFUL leadership! Click below for current trip offerings.


Corporate PowerTrips™

Have you always thought, man we could get so much done if we all just went away for awhile? You totally CAN! You can work with your team on the top of a scenic mountain? or be inspired by the local entrepreneurial craftsmen in Peru? We can custom build a trip that is perfect for your board meetings, executive team retreat, or creative solutions getaway. We have ideas, location connections, and leadership programs that can be adapted to match your vision. Fill out our GOAL (Get Out And Lead) sheet with your vision and we will call you immediately to start scheming!


PowerTrip™ Team Building

Do you value teamwork? (FYI: Of course we all answer YES to this!) Well, Taking your team from office to adventure, The PowerTrip™ Leadership Program is designed to enhance communication, empower personal and communal leadership, and build your team as workplace community. With our mindfulness based leadership curriculum your team will return home inspired with tools for increased connection, communication, and productivity.